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Non-NIH Funded Investigators Submitting Data

Non-NIH funded investigators who wish to submit genomic data to dbGaP or the GDC should contact the extramural GPA for DCB, Ian Fingerman (fingerma [at] and the NCI Office of Data Sharing (NCIOfficeofDataSharing [at] For information on data sharing expectations, expectations for data submission formats, Data Sharing plans (DSPs), and Institutional Certification, see Data Sharing. For an overview of these steps, review our infographic below. 

The steps to submit your study for consideration include:

  1. External Principal investigator (PI) submits the following documents to the NCI ODS GPA Analyst:
  2. GPA analyst will review documents for completeness and contact the PI if additional information/clarification is required. Studies with large storage amounts may incur a storage fee.
  3. Documents will be sent to an NCI Data Governance Committee (NDGC) to review and determine the value of making the data broadly available for the research community.
  4. If the NDGC decides the data are eligible for an appropriate NCI repository (the GDC, NCBI/SDDP), the ODS Analyst will inform the requesting PI and appropriate GPA who will complete dbGaP registration (may take up to 2 weeks to obtain a decision)
    Note: Trusted Partner submissions (GDC or Bionimbus) will additionally require the PI/Grantee to submit a list of “Approved Submitters” who have an eRA Commons Account and who will can also upload files at the GDC.
  5. PI/Grantee performs appropriate QA/QC checks on the data and metadata, then PI Assistant/Submitter uploads appropriate files to dbGaP to obtain a phs accession (obtaining a phs accession number can take up to 4 weeks)
    Note: the PI Assistant/Submitter will always need to minimally upload i) Study Config file and ii) Subject/Sample Mapping file in the dbGaP submission system. 
  6. Full Data and Metadata submission completed by PI/Grantee:
    • If data is going to GDC, then PI/Grantee will need to contact the support [at] (GDC Helpdesk) for appropriate submission instructions
    • If datais  going to NCBI and/or SDDP, then PI/Grantee will follow dbGaP/SRA/SDDP instructions
  7. DbGaP/NCI-approved repositories (GDC, SDDP, SRA) will release the data as quickly as possible following completion of upload.

For additional questions about submitting data to NCI and NIH Repositories, please contact the Office of Data Sharing (NCIOfficeofDataSharing [at]