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NCI Cloud Resources

CBIIT, in collaboration with the Center for Cancer Genomics, coordinated a pilot program to develop three NCI Cloud resources to help meet the research community’s needs to access and analyze high quality, large-scale cancer genomic data and associated clinical information. The goal of the effort was to develop innovative, cost-effective models for computational analysis of biological data and provide broad yet secure access to genomic data that NCI generates. Cloud computing is a valuable tool to support studies related to the mechanisms of cancer and equally valuable to other NCI scientific areas, including clinical trials and other types of patient-focused research. While the pilot phase of the program has come to a close, each platform will continue to be available as a Cloud Resource for use on an ongoing basis.

The NCI Biomedical Informatics Blog

The NCI Biomedical Informatics Blog provides a forum for the exploration of ideas and knowledge sharing across the NCI and throughout the wider biomedical-informatics and cancer-research community.

Topics recently under discussion include potential NCI Cancer Knowledge Clouds; NCIP support for open, community-driven software development; and intramural collaborations being pursued by NCIP staff. For a more complete description, scroll through the running list of topics contained in the left navigation bar.


The National Cancer Institute has launched the NCIP Hub to help accelerate innovation in the cancer research community. It is an environment for scientific collaboration where researchers can access a variety of resources shared by other cancer researchers. The NCIP Hub is intended to support a community of members with a shared goal of democratizing access to data, tools, and standards across the cancer research community. Content contributions come from community members and can include seminar presentations, publications, training materials, data, tools, and bookmarks to useful sites and information, as well as discussions on them. Join the NCIP Hub  and  get started.

The NCIP Open-Development Initiative

The NCIP is committed to improving biomedical informatics through broad community participation. To this end, NCIP has deposited a large volume of open-source code for biomedical informatics software applications to GitHub, a widely used code-hosting site. GitHub allows community developers to easily access and modify the code for applications of interest, and to contribute these modifications back to the primary repository for broader community dissemination. Most of these projects are available under the standard BSD 3-clause license to encourage both open-source and commercially viable derivatives of these projects. A summary of the projects available for open development can be viewed at


The NCI Wiki hosts individual wikis that document the development of applications, activities of working groups, collaborations, informatics projects, and work in specific domains. Visit the wiki dashboard and select the New Account link to participate. For more information, contact ncicbiit [at] (subject: Application%20Support) (Application Support)