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Molecular Level Pilot for RAS Structure and Dynamics in Cellular Membranes

Goal: To accelerate identification and development of novel diagnostics and targeted therapies for RAS-related cancers.

DescriptionKRAS This pilot will improve the research community’s understanding of cancer biology by developing new computational approaches, extending and supporting research being done under the RAS Initiative. This research ideally will enable key insight that leads to the identification of new therapeutic targets uniquely present in RAS protein membrane signaling complexes. 


Frank McCormick (NCI, RAS National Program Advisor, FNLCR and Professor Emeritus, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Dwight Nissley (NCI, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)

Ethan Dmitrovsky (NCI, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)

Fred Streitz (DOE, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Felice Lightstone (DOE, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)