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JDACS4C Cellular Level Pilot for Predictive Modeling for Pre-clinical Screening

Goal: To provide a practical, scalable approach to in silico pre-clinical screening through advances in predictive modeling.

Description: This pilot will develop machine learning, large-scale data and predictive models based on experimental biological data derived from patient-derived xenografts. This will create a feedback loop, where the experimental models inform the design of the computational models. These predictive models may also point to new targets in cancer and help identify promising new treatments. This pilot is directly aligned with the Precision Medicine Initiative in oncology in that it leverages the models to screen personalized drug treatments for individual patients. 


James Doroshow (NCI, Director, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis)

Yvonne Evrard (NCI, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)

Susan Holbeck (NCI, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis)

Rick Stevens (DOE, Argonne National Laboratory)

Frank Alexander (DOE, Los Alamos National Laboratory)