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Data Commons Framework

The Data Commons Framework is a set of core operating principles and reusable, modular components and services that can be used to build an interoperable Data Commons.

NCI is developing a framework that will define the core components of the CRDC. The Data Commons Framework will provide common approaches to functions that will be required across the CRDC.

The Framework will provide:

secure user authentication and authorization (A&A)

secure user authentication and authorization (A&A) - a common approach and module for performing A&A, to minimize the effort for users to switch among cloud providers and resources, and make it easier for a new Commons to address A&A

Metadata Validation Tool

metadata validation tools - to enable interoperability between nodes and data types, and support data harmonization

Data Models

an approach for development of consistent, domain-specific data models - to provide consistency among how data models are developed and which data dictionaries are used to enhance interoperability, integration, and analysis across multiple, diverse datasets and projects.


an API and container environment for tools and pipelines - to create a central place for researchers to share, find, and access useful tools


workspaces for storing data, tools, and results and for collaboration among researchers - to allow for storage of data generated by researchers which can then be shared with collaborators, combined with data from the nodes, or further analyzed using tools available in the Cloud Resources