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Extramural Grantees Submitting Data

For details on data sharing including data submission formats, data sharing plans (DSPs), and Institutional Certification, see Data Sharing. The following steps are general requirements; please work with your Program Officer who is responsible to ensure the accuracy of the Institutional Certification and your designated GPA. For general questions, please contact the NCI Office of Data Sharing (NCIOfficeofDataSharing [at] For an overview of the workflow, review our infographic below.

1. Prepare and submit a Data Sharing Plan

Submit your Data Sharing Plan (DSP) in the Resource Section of the Funding Application.

2. Submit Institutional Certification with appropriate signatures to Program Officer or GPA with Just-in-Time material

If disease-specific data uses or data-use modifiers are required, please contact the NCI Office of Data Sharing (NCIOfficeofDataSharing [at] for clarification.
Note: Interpretation must be based on the IRB's interpretation of this document

3. Data Generation Completed

Once data for the full genomic dataset has been generated and cleaned, submit the Basic Study Information form describing the dataset to:

  • Your Program Officer/Program Director
  • Your GPA
  • The NCI Office of Data Sharing (NCIOfficeofDataSharing [at]

4. QA/QC Data Submission

Perform appropriate QA/QC checks on the data and metadata before the Principal Investigator Assistant/Submitter uploads appropriate files to dbGaP to obtain a phs accession. Obtaining a phs accession number can take up to 4-8 weeks.

5. Full Data and Metadata Submission Completed by Submitting Investigator

  • If data is going to GDC, then the Principal Investigator/Grantee will need to contact the support [at] (GDC Helpdesk) for appropriate submission instructions.
  • If data is going to NCBI and/or SDDP, then the PI/Grantee will follow dbGaP/SRA/SDDP instructions.

6. NIH Repositories Data Set Release Expectations

dbGaP/NCI-approved repositories aim to release the data 6 months from the date of submission of a full, cleaned and quality-checked data set or at the time of first publication (whichever comes first).For additional questions about submitting data to NCI and NIH Repositories, please contact the Office of Data Sharing (NCIOfficeofDataSharing [at]