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Serving Researchers

Cancer Biology and Genomics

The ability to manage and analyze large, multidimensional data sets has begun to provide unprecedented insights into the molecular alterations that lead to cancer and sustain its progression.  Such insights are providing new opportunities to develop treatments that precisely target the specific molecular changes that characterize a patient’s disease.  CBIIT disseminates data, open-source applications, and standards to support the cancer research continuum in the postgenomics era.

Clinical and Translational Research

CBIIT provides targeted bioinformatics capabilities facilitating interoperability, collaboration, and integration across applications. It also provides support for open-source applications intended to ease clinical trial reporting burdens through the consolidation of mechanisms for reporting and harmonizing implementable data standards for next-generation study designs.

Computational Genomics Research

The CBIIT Computational Genomics and Biomedical Informatics Group develops analytical methods and applications designed to integrate, interpret, and display high-volume, systems-wide data sets generated by diverse experimental platforms. The goal is to translate genetic and genomic observations into insights concerning the biology of human cancers, including disease etiology. 

Semantics and Interoperability

Through a semantic infrastructure and an interoperability framework, CBIIT supports multidisciplinary science by enabling data integration across different specialties and institutions. The semantic infrastructure provides standard terminologies, common data elements, clinical case report forms, and data models. The interoperability framework follows a widely used approach of using services that are independent of any particular information-technology platform.

NCI Enterprise IT Support

NCI Computer Services (NCS), operating within CBIIT, manages the IT infrastructure for the NCI enterprise. This includes the hardware, hardware maintenance contracts, software, network, labor, structures, and policies required to support the scientific and administrative activities of the NCI. These services play a critical role in advancing the NCI mission and include the following:

  • Desktop-computer and user support
  • Core Information Technology support
  • Network management and operations support
  • Unified communications support
  • Information security support
  • Centralized network storage
  • Centralized web and web application hosting